Winnipeg Football Collective

Season: Outdoor 2018

Sun Sep 16 - 02:00 PM - Division 3: BFFFFL 33  vs.  Rebels-Yolksters Alliance 26

Sun Sep 16 - 12:00 PM - Division 2: Knights 40  vs.  Titans 22

Sun Sep 16 - 10:00 AM - Division 1: Iced Earth 35  vs.  Rebellion 20

Sun Sep 09 - 04:15 PM - Division 1: Polk High 27  vs.  Rebellion 36

Sun Sep 09 - 02:30 PM - Division 2: Knights 34  vs.  Warriors 14

Sun Sep 09 - 12:45 PM - Division 2: The Intramurinals 13  vs.  Titans 27

Sun Sep 09 - 11:00 AM - Division 3: BFFFFL 1  vs.  Lumberjacks 0

Sun Sep 09 - 09:15 AM - Division 3: Alcoballics 0  vs.  Rebels-Yolksters Alliance 1

Thu Sep 06 - 06:15 PM - Division 2: Titans 14  vs.  Knights 21

Thu Sep 06 - 06:15 PM - Division 3: BFFFFL 12  vs.  Division 2: Warriors 55

Wed Sep 05 - 06:15 PM - Division 3: Lumberjacks 6  vs.  Alcoballics 21

Tue Sep 04 - 06:15 PM - Division 1: Polk High 35  vs.  Rebellion 16

Thu Aug 30 - 06:30 PM - Division 2: Titans 1  vs.  Division 3: Alcoballics 0

Wed Aug 29 - 06:30 PM - Division 3: Rebels-Yolksters Alliance 40  vs.  BFFFFL 6

Tue Aug 28 - 06:30 PM - Division 1: Iced Earth 42  vs.  Rebellion 36

Mon Aug 27 - 06:30 PM - Division 2: The Intramurinals 28  vs.  Titans 16

Thu Aug 23 - 06:45 PM - Division 1: Iced Earth 30  vs.  Polk High 33

Wed Aug 22 - 06:45 PM - Division 3: BFFFFL 26  vs.  Lumberjacks 7

Tue Aug 21 - 06:45 PM - Division 1: Rebellion 35  vs.  Division 2: Warriors 33

Mon Aug 20 - 06:45 PM - Division 2: Titans 45  vs.  Division 3: Lumberjacks 18

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Posted Mon May 07, 2018 - 06:27 PM


The Winnipeg Football Collective summer outdoor season is officially OPEN for team registration! Now entering it’s 3rd outdoor touch football season, the Collective is continuing to grow a culture for people who want to play football competitively and fairly in a collaborative league where teams win on merit and enjoy the game at all levels. The Collective is a community where every player matters which allows the league to benefit from the insights and creativity of members who genuinely care about enhancing the game along with player experience.

Pairing with the WTFL and Football Manitoba the league aspires to lead non-contact football play in the province for everyone from ex-professionals and semi-professional athletes to novice footballers and those wanting to experience the active and ‘skilled’ parts of the game. The Collective wants members/players to succeed and develop while growing and embracing the game in all its forms. We want football in Manitoba to be the best experience and competition in North America. Our goal is to offer players of all ages, genders and skill levels a culture founded on community where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the game, play competitively, and shape the rules and the dynamics of how the game is played. A league of great people, playing great football.


Season Starts: June 4th, 2018
Season Ends: September 30th, 2018

Deadline: May 31 , 2018

Touch Football 7 on 7
14 regular season games + playoffs
Cost: $1550

Coed Touch Football 5 on 5
10 regular season games + playoffs
Cost: $750
(Coed games are played on a 'indoor' sized field but outside!)

Women’s Touch Football 7 on 7
10 regular season games + playoffs
Cost: $800 + Membership fee with Football Manitoba
(Go to to register for Women’s)

Registration fees include player insurance, cost for field, GST and access to sponsored events and benefits. For payment via cash, cheque or e-transfer for 7 on 7 and 5 on 5 Coed registration please contact league representative:

Neil McKernan
Phone: (204) 951–2858

A greater value and culture for the players
• An environment where teams can strive to attain the highest caliber of competition and sportsmanship
• A league that emphasizes involvement of members and operates through direction from player based committees
• Manitoba’s top-ranked touch football league, nationally recognized
• A league that encourages player development and knowledge of the sport
• Skill levels for everyone regardless of age or gender
• Fully-lined 150 yard fields
• Manitoba’s most experienced and enthusiastic officiating crew
• Fields located across the city
• Top-notch league apparel and free Collective branded tees for divisional champions
• Exciting game photos, updates, stats and video
• Interactive social media experience featuring teams, players and league events
• Profits go back into the league, the bigger we get, the better deal we get!

Welcome to the Collective!

Indoor 2018

Posted Tue Oct 03, 2017 - 01:24 PM

Winnipeg Football Collective has sent the league a message:

The Winnipeg Football Collective indoor season is set to commence on Friday February 9th. Come play at the most central location in the city, on the longest indoor fields at the University of Winnipeg Health & Recplex. Registration is limited to 40 teams, with divisions available for all caliber of play including coed!! The WFC is home to the most comprehensive stats in Manitoba touch football. From receptions to knock downs to QB completion and attempts, the WFC has you covered.

The Collective Perks
More value for the players and a greater football culture
8 game seasons + playoffs, most divisions with 5 teams and playing each other twice. Friday night games starting at 10:30 pm, Saturday game times starting at 9:30 pm
State of the art facility
Underground parking (No more -45 runs out to a car that won't start in the cold)
Central location
100 yard fields (More room to run, in fact a full 25yards longer than any other indoor facility in the city!)
Profits go back into the league, the bigger we get, the better deal we get!
Top-notch league apparel
Game photos and video
Deadline: Saturday February 3
Season Starts: Friday February 9
Season ends: Saturday May 5
League Fee: $1050 (best price per game in the city) payable by etransfer, cash or check
Fees are for field costs, officials, player insurance, GST and player benefits. For payment of registration contact league representative:
Neil McKernan
Call: (204) 951–2858

The goal of the Collective is to offer the players a culture founded on community where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the sport, play competitively, and shape the game in a collaborative league that emphasizes involvement of members by operating through player based direction. The league aspires to provide games that are enjoyable and free of non-football confrontation while encouraging hard but respectful play.
Good people, good football.
Welcome to the Collective!

2017 Summer Season: Teaming up to be bigger and better!

Posted Mon Apr 10, 2017 - 04:20 PM


Two of Manitoba's premier touch football leagues have partnered up in an act of bringing the best recreational non-contact football experience to the province! The Winnipeg Football Collective (The Collective) and the Winnipeg Touch Football League (WTFL) have joined forces to further develop an outstanding football culture and playing conditions for Men’s and Women’s teams.

These not-for-profit leagues will be working together this Summer to offer numerous divisions for Men’s 7 on 7 and the ONLY Women's 7 on 7 touch football divisions in the province. As Manitoba’s pinnacles for both Men’s and Women’s non-contact football, this affiliation will benefits all players and is opening the door to a greater football community.

The upcoming Summer Season will run from May/June to late October at centrally located, cut and fully lined fields. Registration fees include player insurance, cost for field, league membership and access to sponsored events. The Summer Season registration will be opening, along with further details VERY SOON!

Team and individual player registration will be done online by visiting for Men’s divisions and for the Women’s divisions. To contact the leagues, or for any further questions feel free to call or email League Administrator, Neil McKernan at 204-951-2858 or


Winnipeg Football Collective

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